The Caracal Brigade (Hebrew: חֲטִיבַת קרקל), also known as the 33th Brigade, is the only co-ed infantry unit in the Israel Defense Forces. 


Caracal Brigade was established in 2004 with the intent to integrate women into combat. The unit consists of one third men and two thirds women. The brigade received its name after the “Caracal” wildcat which roams in the region the unit is deployed. The brigade’s number, 33 is named after the 33 palmach fighters who died in war in the area.  

Acceptance to caracal 
Combatprofile (72 and over). Women are required to take a two day “gibush” tryout. Men are accepted based on availability and personal data.  

Length of service required for Machal
14 months

Basic training includes 4 months of basic training (05) and two months of advanced training (07).
 Basic training takes place at the Givati training center in the South. During basic training, soldiers learn infantry content, weaponry, camouflage implementations, shooting, physical fitness, krav maga, live fire battle drills, war history, a series of education and more. 
After completing basic training, soldiers join the various battalions carrying out daily security operations

Tour of Duty
The brigade is currently deployed along the Egyptian border and its mission includes preventing terrorist infiltrations, drug smuggling, women trafficking, counter-terror operations, arrests of Palestinian militants, patrols, manning checkpoints near Eilat and regular security activities. 



Blue and Orange


Egyptian border with the Caracal wildcat enwrapped in a sword

light green Beret, red shoes, pin Warrior battalion, regimental badge.