What to bring

Watch – preferably G-Shock (the simple the better)

Sleeping Bag (the more compact the better)

Electric Shaver (if one does not plan on growing his beard in the army)

Shower Sandals/Clogs


Suntan Lotion

Double Mouthguard for Krav Maga – you can buy at your local sporting goods store for $5

Traveling Backpack for hiking and transporting clothes from army while on leave. 

LUXURIES: (not required)


Pillow and Case


Hydration Pack – 2 liters (70 oz)

Tweezers (to take out thorns)

Flashlight (Head Mounted)

Extra spending money to buy snacks etc. (of course)

The dorms have a laundry facility - $1.50/load “self service” or $10/load “Door to Door service” 

Money for phone bills – Garin Mahal will arrange for you the cheapest phone deal in Israel. The cheapest phone in Israel costs approximately $150 therefore (presuming it is much cheaper in the US) we recommend bringing with you an unlocked cell phone to use in Israel. *Unfortunately there can be thefts in the IDF therefore it is advised to buy a simple phone for your service in the IDF. 

We recommended buying a “Tefidanit” for your Tefillin while in the army. http://www.tefillin.co.il/index.htm?pagerequested=english/tfidanit/tfidanit.htm&from=d7  It is cheaper to buy a “Tefidanit” in Israel approximately $25 with the Garin Mahal group discount.

* Unfortunately proper Winter Gear i.e. gloves (thin enough to be able to pull the trigger of a machine gun), thermal shirts, pants, socks,  hat, neck warmer and mask are not provided by the IDF because of lacking funds. Garin Mahal will arrange a group purchase for approximately $100 each for those interested in buying a complete winter gear set in Israel if not, bring them from the states.

For those of you that are planning on living in an apartment while you are in the IDF. It is advised to bring an extra $300 for the first months rent. The IDF will pay you at the end of the month however your landlord will request payment at the beginning of your lease.

Baruch Hashem - we have everything in Israel so if you forget anything you can always pick it up here.