Taking Leaves

Non Combat soldiers are entitled after a year of service. Other soldiers are entitled after one half of their service.

Visiting Parents Abroad

If the soldier's parents live abroad, he can obtain a special 30-day leave once per year of service to travel abroad (excluding countries which are forbidden to visit for field security reasons). Additionally, he or she may travel abroad during regular leave, in accordance with military regulations and with the recommendation of the unit commander. The IDF does not provide medical insurance to soldiers traveling abroad on leave. Make sure to insure yourself with a civilian insurance company or via a travel agency. Lone soldiers must be in possession of a valid Israeli passport in case you need to travel abroad urgently. Without a valid Israeli passport, you will not be allowed to leave the country.

Special Leave

If you encounter an urgent and harsh financial problem or any other exceptional personal problem, you are authorized to submit a request for special leave to help find a solution to your problem, but only if all regular leaves that you are entitled to have been used up. It is important to note that the total number of special leave days shall not exceed 60 in a year of service, of which 30 will only be available to eligible soldiers to visit parents abroad.

Personal Affairs Day (Yom Sidurim)

Every two months, a day of leave can be taken during the week, beyond regular leaves, to take care of necessary errands. This leave will be granted to you by your commander according to circumstances and with the recommendation of the Mashakit Tash (Support Service Non Commissioned Officer) for your unit. Additionally, your direct commander is authorized to approve an additional personal affairs day for you once per month.

Early Departure

When departing for a weekend or holiday leave, you may request to depart at a reasonable hour that will enable you to reach your place of residence by noon, in order to organize and arrange purchases before the onset of the Sabbath or holiday. This assumes that the soldier serves in a closed unit or in a unit more than 50km away from his home. The latest a lone soldier should arrive at his/her home is 12:00 PM on a Friday or the day before a holiday starts!! Every lone soldier is entitled to this right and should ensure he/she arrives at his/her home before 12:00 PM, and if this isn't happening, he/she must request an earlier release from his/her base.

Soldier Leave during Parent Visit to Israel

A soldier whose parents live abroad permanently is entitled to special vacation days in the event that at least one of his parents arrives in Israel for a visit, for at least 4 days of leave per half year and at least 8 days of leave per year.